Acne Scar Reduction Techniques Discussed


Most everyone will get at least one pimple in their lifetime. Some unfortunately will get more than others. When acne is severe enough and the skin becomes infected, it becomes inflamed and nodules may develop. If the nodules rupture or break the area bleeds and there you have it...a functioning tissue replaced by a connecting tissue. In other words a scar is formed. Usually, the best way to prevent acne scars is to treat the acne at its earliest stages. There are many roads to acne scar reduction, from laser surgery and micro-dermabrasion, to creams and prescription medications.

There are so many different lasers specifically designed for some sort of cosmetic surgery, that it amazes me that we STILL don't have flying cars. Anyway, there are CO2 lasers, Erbium YAG lasers, there's even a 585-595-nm laser. These lasers work by boring tiny holes under the surface of the skin promoting and stimulating new collagen production. The laser treatments vary from one to three sessions and their prices can vary, usually ranging from one to five thousand dollars. There are a few side effects though, severe allergic reactions and infections. Hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation can also be caused by extended or unprotected exposure to the sun. There is also a three to ten day recovery period, as well as taking any oral pain medications should one have any discomfort.

Micro-dermabrasion is the removal of a superficial layer skin by the use of a wand containing diamond micro particles, or crystals. The idea being that with the outer layer of dead skin gone, new skin will grow, therefore reducing scarring. Practiced for many years by a physician, micro-dermabrasion can now be done in many salons and even in "in home kits", is painless, and is usually far less costly than laser surgery, usually running from fifty to two hundred dollars. Some side effects can occur including inflammation, redness, and some itching.

There are so many different acne creams on the market today; it's pretty hard to keep up with all of them. Recently there have been major scientific breakthroughs in scar reduction with the use of all natural, organic compounds designed to penetrate to the deepest layer of the skin and start the healing process from underneath. Creams made with Collaxyl, for lack of a better word, trick the skin in to the regeneration process, thereby closing the gap that makes up acne scars.

These are all proven methods of reducing acne related scars. Having laser surgery or a micro-dermabrasion is a very personal and thought conscious procedure and should be carefully discussed with a physician or professional due to the potential side effects and complications. All natural scar fading creams have come a long way in recent years and seem to offer the best results without the negative side effects. Either way, make sure to do your research before you consider having any procedure or put anything in or on your body.

Mark Robbins is a researcher, writer, and reviewer of everything organic and green. From organic food, and clothes, to acne scar reduction tips, and organic skin care. He has been providing consumers with the knowledge and security to live a happy and all natural life.

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